All Wood Pellets Are Not Created Equal

Most of us have heard the old saying, Garbage in – Garbage out. Well, the same is true when we talk about wood pellets. We recommend the use of premium-grade wood pellets whenever possible. They burn more efficiently and the produce less ash than with lower grade pellets. Before buying a large quantity of pellets, get just a few bags (2-3) and burn them in your pellet stove to see how they perform.

Proper Maintenance

During the colder months when you are using your pellet stove it’s a good idea to periodically clean out the ash from the burn chamber and the ash pan. You should also scrape the burn pot and keep all vital components free of ash like the airwash system (if your particular stove has one), and venting. You can refer to your owners manual for maintenance instructions for your specific brand of pellet stove. Before doing any maintenance make sure your pellets stove is completely cooled, to prevent any burns or injury. It is also a good idea to wear eye protection. Be sure to follow your pellet stove manufacturing instructions very carefully.

You should also clean the glass so you have a better viewing of the fired. To do this use a soft cloth and a glass cleaner specially formulated for wood or pellet stove glass. Don’t scrape it using metal objects because the metal will scratch the glass and dangerously compromise its integrity and strength.

At least once a year, or anytime you have burned one ton of pellets (roughly 50 bags) through it, you should perform maintenance. That means you should inspect and clean your pellet stove. You should inspect vital components like the auger motor, hoppers, switches, blowers wiring, seals and exhaust pipes.