Industry Leading AC & DC Gearmotors

Fractional & Sub-Fractional Gearmotors & Custom Gearmotor Solutions Proudly Engineered & Manufactured in the USA!


OEM Solutions Made in the USA!

Designed, engineered, and manufactured exclusively in the USA at our Auburn, New York manufacturing facility.


Rotisserie Motors for OEM Manufacturers

Ideal for stainless steel cooking appliances, such as BBQ Grills and Rotisserie Ovens

Gleason-Avery, a Worldwide Electric company, produces quality fractional and sub-fractional gearmotors and auger motors. For over 40 years, we have partnered with our customers to provide standard or custom-designed motors, design services, engineering experience, and industry-leading quality.

Made in the USA

With over 40 years of industry-leading quality and engineering experience, you can trust Gleason Avery sub-fractional gearmotors and auger motors for your most demanding OEM applications. Our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured exclusively in the USA at our Auburn, New York manufacturing facility.

Auger Motors

Pellet & Corn Stove Auger Motors Made in the USA

Gelason-Avery AC Auger Gearmotors provide high torque and low noise combined with long life and low cost. They are predominantly used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and packaged into end-user products, such as Pellet and Corn Stoves, Ovens, and Smokers.


AC Gearmotors


High-performance stock & custom designed gearmotors. Wide variety of mounting styles. Custom designed windings & more to meet your precise application requirements.

DC Gearmotors


Full line of sub-fractional horsepower DC gearmotors. Available in a wide range of custom gear ratios, output and rear shaft configurations, voltages, & lead terminations.

Rotisserie Motors


Industry-leading custom rotisserie motors for OEM manufacturers provide lasting quality, various features, and custom designs suitable for stainless steel cooking appliances.

Our goal, quite simply, is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations… every day.

"Working with Gleason-Avery is always a seamless process. Their staff are very knowledgeable and understand our needs. Their on-time delivery is top-class - they always have our material in stock, ready to ship when we need it, with no long lead times."
For over 12 years, we've been crafting top-of-the-line BBQ grills. Throughout that journey, Gleason-Avery has been an invaluable partner. They've consistently delivered on quality, providing exceptional motors for our new designs and existing setups. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has played a vital role in the reliability and performance of our grills.
We've been loyal customers of Gleason-Avery for 30 years, and I can't say enough about the exceptional quality and service they provide. The products Gleason-Avery offers are truly top-notch, with each item exceeding our expectations in terms of performance and durability. Whenever we've had an issue, we've found their solutions invaluable.
Through my 15+ years of working with Gleason-Avery, our company has established a great partnership with Gleason-Avery, and they are a valuable vendor for our business. Their attention to detail, communication, and quality of product has been outstanding. As our business fluctuates, I do not doubt that Gleason-Avery won't miss a beat and will be a valuable partner on this journey.

Custom Gearmotors from Gleason-Avery

Gleason-Avery, fractional-horsepower gearmotors, and auger motors are used across a wide range of industries, including industrial manufacturing, home heating and cooking, sports and leisure, farming and agriculture, pharmaceutical and laboratory, and food service.