Rotisserie Motors

Industry-leading custom rotisserie motors for OEM manufacturers provide lasting quality, various features, and custom designs suitable for stainless steel cooking appliances.

Product Series Speed Torque Overview Details
Series XR Rotisserie Motor Series RT 3 to 6 RPM Up to 40 in. lbs. Rugged and compact Rotisserie Motor, hardened gearing, Brushed 304 stainless housing, slide-mount option for easy assembly. Rotisserie motor is UL listed for quality assurance. More Info
Series XR Rotisserie Motor Series XR 4 to 6 RPM Up to 120 in. lbs. Seriously rugged and versatile Rotisserie Motor for the most demanding applications. Motors designed are application specific for long life and trouble-free operation. Choice of housings (with mounting options), all brushed 304 stainless. UL component recognized. More Info

Custom Gearmotors from Gleason-Avery

Gleason-Avery, fractional-horsepower gearmotors, and auger motors are used across a wide range of industries, including industrial manufacturing, home heating and cooking, sports and leisure, farming and agriculture, pharmaceutical and laboratory, and food service.