About Gleason-Avery

Gleason-Avery, a Worldwide Electric company, produces quality fractional and sub-fractional gearmotors. For over 40 years, we have partnered with our customers to provide standard or custom-designed motors, design services, engineering experience, and industry-leading quality.

Gleason-Avery, fractional-horsepower gearmotors, and auger motors can be across a wide range of industries, including industrial manufacturing, home heating and cooking, sports and leisure, farming and agriculture, pharmaceutical and laboratory, and food service. They are predominantly used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and packaged into industrial and consumer products, such as rotisseries, pellet stoves, and corn stoves.

Our Location

Located in Auburn, New York, our products are designed, sourced, and manufactured exclusively in the USA.

45 Aurelius Avenue
Auburn, New York 13021

WorldWide Electric Company Family of Brands

Gleason-Avery became a member of WorldWide Electric’s family of brands in 2021. WorldWide Electric, headquartered in Rochester, New York, is a leading manufacturer of electric motors, motor controls, gear reducers, and generators. For 25 years, WorldWide Electric has responded to customer needs with urgency and they are passionate about providing an exceptional customer experience.

WorldWide Electric’s family of brand companies include:

As WorldWide Electric continues to evolve, these strategic acquisitions underscore its commitment to growth while maintaining customer centricity in a competitive landscape and offering a comprehensive suite of products and services that meet the diverse needs of its customers.