Augers for Home Heating and Cooking

Gleason-Avery Home Heating

Gleason-Avery offers standard and custom-designed fractional-horsepower gearmotors of the highest quality for many home heating and cooking applications. Made in the USA, our gearmotors and auger motors add to your customer’s cooking experience by quietly and consistently driving:

  • Pellet stoves, burners, and furnaces.
  • BBQ Grills, food smokers, and dehydrators.

Partner with Gleason-Avery for exceptional in-house design and engineering experience, high-quality manufacturing, industry-leading lead times, and outstanding customer service and support – That’s our guarantee.

A Great Cooking Experience

Gleason Avery gearmotors allow precise control of the pellet feeding process to offer your customers a perfect cooking experience.

  • Control smoke in BBQ 
  • Control time
  • Control temperature

Rotisserie Ovens and Roasters

Gleason Avery rotisserie motors turn food consistently, over and over, to ensure a perfect, even cook, everytime.