Capabilities and Services

Gleason Avery stands as a paragon of American craftsmanship, specializing in the design, engineering, and manufacture of sub-fractional gearmotors and auger motors, with over 40 years of expertise rooted in Auburn, New York. Our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in our comprehensive turnkey solutions, offering everything from custom design to robust manufacturing capabilities. We pride ourselves on being a trusted sub-assembly manufacturing partner, ready to support OEMs with tailored production needs, underscored by a steadfast dedication to quality management and guaranteed deliverability. At the heart of our operation is a customer-first ethos, bolstered by a highly accessible sales and customer service team, ensuring that every interaction and product not only meets but exceeds expectations. Gleason Avery embodies the spirit of American manufacturing excellence, delivering on the promise of reliability, precision, and customer satisfaction.

Made in the USA

Experience unmatched reliability with our gearmotors and auger motors, proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. Over 40 years of excellence in Auburn, New York.

Design & Engineering

Transforming ideas into precision-engineered solutions, Gleason-Avery offers comprehensive services from design to manufacturing. Our facility is your one-stop shop for custom gearmotors and auger motors.

Sub Assembly Manufacturing

Enhance your production with our expert sub-assembly services. Gleason Avery is your dependable partner, offering tailored manufacturing solutions to streamline your operations.

Quality Process Manufacturing

Quality at the heart of everything we do. Our cross-trained workforce and data-driven processes ensure superior gearmotor performance and reliability.

Guaranteed Delivery

Commitment to excellence extends to our deliverability. Trust us for on-time production schedules and exceptional product value, all within your reach.

Customer Service

Our dedication to you starts with our exceptional customer service. At Gleason-Avery, every call is a priority, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.


Guided by strict quality policies and a customer-focused approach, we’re dedicated to continuous improvement and excellence in all we do. Let’s drive success together.