Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

Gleason-Avery offers a turnkey service for designing, engineering, and manufacturing quality custom sub-fractional AC and DC Gearmotors, and Auger Motors. 

  • We partner with OEM customers to provide exacting specifications and custom fit and operation, including standard or unique gear ratios, output shaft configurations, and mounting offerings.
  • Gleason-Avery’s manufacturing facility includes Computer-aided Design, prototyping, sample development, wiring, winding, gear hobbing, drilling, turning, machining, painting, testing, assembly, production lines, and warehousing facilities. 
  • Depending on the design requirements, our gearmotors use Delrin, Phenolic polymer, stainless steel, brass, or bronze components, and we are capable of machining and working with each material.
  • Every motor is sprayed with a rust inhibitor, high-potted, tested, and run-in to ensure operation and noise quality. They are also stamped and labeled to ensure traceability back to the assembly line and individual personnel.

UL and CSA Listed Facility for Coil Manufacturing