Industries & Applications

Gleason-Avery, fractional-horsepower gearmotors, and auger motors are used across a wide range of industries, including industrial manufacturing, home heating and cooking, sports and leisure, farming and agriculture, pharmaceutical and laboratory, and food service. We partner with equipment manufacturers in each of these markets to provide standard or custom-designed gearmotors, design services, engineering experience, and industry-leading quality.

Gearmotors for Small Machinery in Industrial Applications

Empower your industrial applications with Gleason-Avery’s gearmotors. Delivering precision and reliability for fluid management, sorting, and conveying, our gearmotors are the backbone of efficient industrial operations.

Augers for Home Heating and Cooking

Enhance home heating and cooking with our quiet, consistent augers. Perfect for pellet stoves and BBQ grills, Gleason-Avery augers promise an unmatched cooking experience.

Gearmotors for Leisure and Sports Equipment

Revolutionize sports and leisure with our high-torque gearmotors. Ideal for ball serving machines and arcade games, they bring reliability to every game and amusement.

Gearmotors and Augers for Agriculture and Farming

Boost your farming efficiency with our rugged gearmotors and augers. Designed for extreme conditions, they support essential farming tasks like seeding and spreading.

Gearmotors and Augers for the Foodservice Industry

Streamline food service operations with our dependable gearmotors and augers. From processing to packaging, our solutions ensure consistency and quality in food service.

Gearmotors and Augers for Pharmaceutical and Labratory Equipment

Ensure precision in pharma and lab equipment with our gearmotors and augers. Trusted for centrifuges and dispensers, they offer the accuracy essential for medical applications.